Monster Cockroaches, writing your name, and bosses

So this last Friday my boss puts the squeeze on me to work overtime. He knows that the company has not given a raise to any of us in two years. Yes we got bonuses but they were used to put out the fires that were created by the lack of CPI increase compensation. (IE the gas price goes up so does everything else and no increase in salary means one has to extend their credit balance to make the ends meet) the bonus is spent bringing the balances down so you can do it again. I am not going to give away the end of that story as that is a book I am working on right now (My first serious book).
Anyways he says he knows that I have committed much of my time to other endeavors. I point out that while I am receiving some compensation I believe that the service I provide is more of a community service other than a second job. But that I would try and find time to come in and assist in increasing bandwidth in our department.
I do not tell him that I have committed every weekend 12 hours a day.
So I am in on Sunday morning about 2AM it is the only time I am available and I can give him about 6 hours before my first game on Sunday
So here I am at work early. There should be no one in today at this time. I have to go to the bathroom and there on the floor is huge cockroach crawling across the floor. I look around no one is in the stalls. I unzip and begin peeing on the cockroach. I do not know and do not ask me why all I know is that made complete total sense at that hour with the 5 hours of sleep I had after doing three plates in a row. So I am peeing on this poor pathetic creature of god and the bathroom door opens I jump two steps to the left and stand in front of the urinal and pretend that I am peeing but in fact the movement has created a moment that there was a stoppage in the flow.
In walks a suit now for a suit to be on my floor at this hour means that he is very important and there is some shit about to hit the fan.
He walks in stops (I hear him behind me) "holy shit look at the size of that beast!"
"Yeah big one" I answer back
"Yeah and it looks like you had him on the run until I came in"
"I came in as you were peeing on him"
"No I do not know whaa...."
"Ahh come on... do not lie I am going to pee on him too" as he unzips his trousers and starts to pee on the roach
I can not put into the right context the strange scene I saw when I turned around and saw this executive vice president pissing on the cockroach.
so as I stepped around the EVP pissing on the floor so I did not get splashed on so I can wash my hands he began to mutter ahhhhh oh yeah oh yeah there you go you like that don't you Mr. bug ah yeah drink up little buddy drink up. He then shakes and zips.
He laughs a laugh that gives me the creeps and bends over to look closer at the bug in his urine
Oh yeah fucking cockroaches they make me sick and he stomps on the roach.
HA hey I am Craig Rodgers glad to meet you and he extends his hand. I start to reach out and the pulls back "Sorry I did not wash"
I pull back yeah I am John Sleestaxx
Yeah? What are you doing here on a Sunday so early?
I am trying to increase the bandwidth of my group while there is a bottleneck
Why is there a bottle neck shouldn't you supervisor seen this and started something else before you had to be in at 3am?
Hey I do not know smarter people than me run this place I just do what is needed to make it run smooth.
Well maybe you should some see me later this week about the over time that is needed.
Who knows public urination on bugs is a test for promotions and I passed. It could be some kind of code that I broke by accident like the senator that played footsie and found that gay’s guys uses that for code.
You know I do not know about this as the last time I was in a situation like this some mother fucker tried to break into my car and I went ape-shit and beat the fucker so bad I got sued by the criminal.
Or maybe he is going to fire my ass on Monday. Or maybe he wants the dirt on my boss.
Who knows?

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By Rev. J. Sleestaxx
Release date: By 3 December, 2007..

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