It is not ok to have sex with animals By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

It is not ok to have sex with animals
By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

In an article the other day PETA Agreed that sex with animals is ok as long as the animals do not feel any discomfort or especially if they enjoy themselves. WHAT THE fuck? (No wtf is not here today)

 You hear that lawyers? Now you can go out and fuck those goats and dogs and cats without fear of persecution or prejudice.
 Do you hear that you sick twisted devil worshiping green fuckers with your let me kill a logger to save a tree. You can not only huge that fucking tree now you can go fuck that tree. You can get a bumper "save the whales?? Go fuck a whale!" go fuck an animal?? I do not get it.
 You know what you all are twisted and sick and perverted. You are all fucking retarded. You all take some of the simplest things and the most beautiful moments in life and you taint them with your stink and your sin and you pervert god's beautiful plan into a fuck fest of debauchery and soul painting. You are truly all doomed to hell.
 I do not think even I can save your souls and I am the right hand of god I am the chosen enforcer of his most beautiful and gracious word. And I do not think I can save you, you fucker of animals and children, you preverters of nature and all things holy and sacred. You make me fucking sick I puke when I think of the freaks in the world going out and fucking animals because some freak thought hey as long as the animal is not hurt it must be ok. I am not a tree hugger and I am not a druid by any stretch of the imagination.
 my step father in his life time was a drunk and a child molester and an abuser of women and children but he was also a logger not god knows I prayed for his chain to catch a spike many times but I do know the industry is very vigilant to replace and replenish. I know that the order of god is selection and survival but fucking animals is not part of that plan.
 How can one human in his right mind even come close to making the assumption that this is right? you have to go from A to B to C to D to get to E and I want to know where some tree hugging fur kissing dirt munching druid can get from normal human to insane fucker and get quoted in the paper saying something so asinine that my eyes cross and I want to got out help this fucker feed some worms and maybe some beetles because this is just truly the stupidest thing I have heard of.
 fucking animals is NOT OK. Killing humans over a tree is NOT OK. Throwing dye or paint on a rich bitch in fur is just funny, it is not a statement no one cares about your view just as you do not care about the view of the person you just fucked over.
 You PETA Animal loving mother fuckers want a piece comment here I will not delete you pathetic excuse for an explanation on why it is OK to fuck a dog. You all make me fucking sick and I want to see you all trapped in a fire. ha ha ha ha ha yeah trapped in a  fire that makes me all warm and fuzzy you stuck in a car on the side of the road trapped as the vehicle is consumed in flames and I drive by as you claw at the window. Yeah that is what I want to see before I die.
 What I am crazed? I am a psychopath?? You are the weird fuck that wants to fuck animals do not think you can throw stones right about now. Yeah that would be fun too all the goat fuckers in the world get stoned by old women. Not as nice as the fire but it would definitely take some time and there would be great suffering. ha ha ha ha
 Burn fuckers burn!

Here is your moment of Zen "Bitch!"

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Release date: By 3 December, 2007..

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