Seven Deadly Sins: Envy By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

Mar 7:22 adultery, greed, evil, deceit, debauchery, envy, slander, pride, and folly.

Today I am going to tell a story and talk about envy.

Jam 3:14 But if you have bitter jealousy and selfishness in your hearts, do not boast and tell lies against the truth.

Envy is like greed as they are the wanton desire for something. Greed is just the desire to have material things, but envy is the desire to have something that someone has because the person feels inadequate without the item.
Wars are started over this and the other sins. One nation looks to the east and sees that his neighbor gets to see the sun before he does and he thinks that makes his neighbor more prosperous and the idiot masses an army and they march east to fight for the rising sun. How fucking retarded is that? The can not own the sun and they will always have someone who sees the sun before they do.
Some countries may not go to war but they will artificially drag down the economy of another so that the difference between the companies is not so grand.

Pro 6:18 a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift to run to evil,

The Texas mom who wanted to have her daughter on the cheerleading squad killed the mother of another so that her baby could break an ankle and show her panties to the entire football team and spectators.
Bizarre shit for envy I tell you.

2Co 12:20 For I am afraid that somehow when I come I will not find you what I wish, and you will find me not what you wish. I am afraid that somehow there may be quarreling, jealousy, intense anger, selfish ambition, slander, gossip, arrogance, and disorder.

Families are torn asunder over envy.
Someone came to me last month and told me "my family wants to keep up with the neighbors. They ridicule me and say that I am a failure because I can not proived liek their friends do"
How said is that?? I have had that family in for special counseling sessions and trust me when I tell you that the worst to convert was the daughter. She needed the certain cell phone and the certain car and the certain clothing label.
In the end I told that church member to shave the daughter's head. Her envious ways would change as she would just desire a normal hair cut. And every time she said I need what so-in-so has to beat her and shave her head.
I need not name any names but we can just look around and see whom I speak of. Hey baby how are you today.

Pro 6:19 a false witness who pours out lies,

The thugs on the street want to keep up with the famous rappers that came from good homes but pretend to be from crime.
They are envious of the pretend life of money women and things that are portrayed on television in the rap videos. They do not understand that these things are just things and mostly things that are rented for the production of the movie. The big busted girls in bikinis are actresses paid to be in the video. None of the players in the video knew each other the day before the shooting started.

Lucifer's desire to be like god, and to control humans is what got his ass kicked out of heaven. Lucifer was envious of gods power and tried top usurp it. God got sick of Lucifer’s shit and cast him down from heaven.

In sports we see it all time Bond's desire to be like the other baseball greats. Caused him to maybe partake of some synthetic body modifications so that he could be like the greats and now he may end in the book as the greatest failure of all. Anything he accomplishes now is diminished by the perception that he cheated. What a dumb twit. But well there is another example of how stupid one becomes when gripped by the sinful emotion of jealousy.

At work we all know the guy that is jealous of the other successful employee and in his envious ways he sabotages the work of the other. This not only hurts the company but also both of the employees.

Another church was envious of our church and caused the construction of the main hall to stop. They sent parishners in the night to strip parts off equipment and to cause bank and government approvals to slow. One parishners was caught redoing work so that the building inspection would fail or the church would collapse.
I finally confronted the priest and we hashed out the problem and he found that he was infected with the sin of envy and he was very apologetic.
He then talked his parishners in assisting our contractor in any capacity possible.

Pro 49:18 He pronounces this blessing on himself while he is alive: “May men praise you, for you have done well!”

We as older folk need to be sure that our envy-ness of the young does not precipitate in discrimination and wrongful judging of the youth. Because the youth is young and pretty does not mean that they are better than us the older folk. We are older and smarter and wiser as we have made the mistakes and the youth do not listen to our wisdom. Let us sit back and enjoy the fact we have more to offer than the youth. The youth should be envious of us and that is the truth.

Gal 5:20 idolatry, sorcery, hostilities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish rivalries, dissensions, factions,

Women and men are envious of each other. Men envious that women are perceived as having an easier time in life as they are women and they have the pooty but the truth is that because they have the pooty and most men are envious they have a harder time.
Women are envious of a man's penis. The penis, no matter how ugly it is a sign of strength and power. The penis looks like a sword for a reason. Gods wanted men to be strong and in control of the environment.
But even though women are not expected to be fighter’s and to go to war they are still envious of the penis.
I was umpiring a softball game one summer night and there was a female coach on a team and you could tell that she did not like men. Her attitude was all about you disgust me, you are invading what I perceive to be a girl’s sport and no men should be allowed to participate.
Well during the game there was a banger on third. My female partner rings the player out. I saw the whole play my angle was no better and no worse than anybody else’s and I thought good call. I also thought man I am glad I did not have to make that call because holy shit there is going to be a pissed off coach no matter how the call goes.
The male coach comes out and approaches me.

Gal 5:26 Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, being jealous of one another.

Did you see the call? What the hell is she thinking? That runner was safe by a mile. Aren’t you going to do something?
Yes coach I am. I am going to tell you to talk to the official that made the call AFTER you ask for time and she gives you time. Until then get back to your dugout.
Yes now either turn to go back to the dug out or turn to leave the field you have two places to go.
He went to the dug asked for time I looked to my partner she said "time".
The coach now walks all the way to the umpire and starts to yell. My partner says "coach you need to stop yelling".
The coach still yells.
She turns and starts to walk away.
This is my queue to step up and make the coach leave. He did not proceed correctly. And now he was dangerously in bad territory.
I get about half the distance and he sees me and he turns and starts to his dugout and now the female coach says "I knew he did not have the balls to keep going".
Holy shit the other coach turned and charges the female coach. He comes up and stops short in her face and starts to yell about how she needs to mind her own business and how all the dykes stick together.
At that the female coach reaches up and pokes him in the eye with her fist. And before the coach can get his hand to his eye, a knee is jammed into his crotch and he drops.

Gal 5:21 envying, murder, drunkenness, carousing, and similar things. I am warning you, as I had warned you before: Those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God!

I get there and step in between the two my partner bends to the coach to help him up and as he is getting up my partner whispers that’s what you get for having a prick you dick!
I thought I was going to burst.
The coach looked at me and asked, "Did you hear that?"
Yeah I heard her ask if you were ok which I thought was very nice of her since you were so rude.
Now get off the field or forfeit
And I turned to the female coach and she just nodded because she knew that she was gone also.
We finished a 4 ITB game and the coaches stood next one another in the parking lot watching the game.
The point is the demon Leviathan will sweep in fast and make you stupid before you know it and then holy crap you are stuck with a sack of shit and a stupid look.
The little league has asked me to tell every one that they are having their annual umpire clinic this January and February and anybody wanting to umpire and maybe make a little extra cash should contact them for specific dates.
I would also like t thank all of the regular attendees and subscribers.
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