Our Town (TWT)

Our town
Our town is a community and like any community our town has bums and trouble makers.
Our town also has celebrities and non-descript people too.
In our town we had a parade to display these people. These bums, troublemakers, celebrities and non-descript people. During the parade some ninja warriors from the next town over descended on the square where the parade begins its big turn to exit the city limits.
The warriors brandished swords and those cheap throwing stars that they sell at the druggie shop. The ninjas began running around slicing and dicing the parade watchers and the parade participants. The children who were just seconds ago exited to see the ninjas now they were just scared shitless. And ran screaming into the day hiding and taking cover.
These ninjas from the other town were here in retaliation for the letter from a French town accepting our offer to become their gay lover town. Which is like a sister town but since we already had a sister town in Russia and a brother town on the east coast. We needed another town in the mix.
The council voted on gay lover town. The choices were gay lover, straight lover (of course), co-worker, organ donor, and minority town. During the debate many lines were drawn and many sides were taken. But what we did not know was that the other town was our stalker lover town and that we had made them jealous.
The stalker lover town decided that it was not the French towns fault but we were just dirty whores, with no regard for anybody else but our selves. So they trained in the ninja way and traveled to our town for retribution and revenge for being used and discarded like so much trash.
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