(TWT)Myspace Addicted

Myspace addicted???
Hell no !!!
That would be the denial phase I started Sunday morn when i began to think about it,
Then later while showering I was wondering if Amber Adrianna and Betty had finally moved to my town.
I wondered did they find someone else to hang with? Is that why they have not called me?
I had gone out to their web page and looked at their pictures that they tried to upload but had trouble??? LOL. I know why they had trouble they were naykid.
Then I thought about how at street lights I wonder if the light will stay red long enough for me to find a hot spot, connect to the network, configure the browser and login to myspace.
Damn! Why do I have to use my whole e-mail address? Do not honk!
The browser on my phone is to light and not render all the pages and all the comments.
so I get a water down version of myspace.
Like china white too stepped on with baby formula. But I hit it anyways. And the rush to know that I have 35 subscribers.. Wait I had 36.. Oh damn that last post about how god told me to kick the ass of some homeless guy because he said the end of the world had come made someone pissed off.
Or maybe it was the one that Henry Rollins is a whinny baby and needs to get over himself.
Oh no what do I do??
I see that the friend requests had diminished oh no maybe I have dated myself or maybe my content is not fresh any more.
FUCK! what am I going to do.
I really want to break 400 by the new year and have 666 by my birthday.
I HAVE TO HAVE A SUBSDCRIBER BASE at 100 by Feb. or I am going to DIE!!!!!!
No I am not addicted but I think that maybe I think too much about what everyone else is thinking about me and how can I make people I do not know like me.
this is so against my nature that just putting it down here scares the bejezzus out of me.
I heard my family talking about an intervention. Maybe I am addicted but right now I have it completely under control.
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