Preaching in an Adult Book Store. By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

Finding god in a adult book store video booth.
Last Monday I witnessed at an Adult Superplex.

I went in there because it was brought to my attention that there may be some of the men from my congregation in there during the lunch hour. There was not but I would like to share my accounts of the visit and the atrocities and shameful behavior that I witnessed while I was slogging through all the unclean vile things on the floor.
First when I enter I notice that the place is packed with many wicked people. Some are clearly embarrassed to be there as they refuse to look up and be seen. These are the ones with a concise these poor souls are deep in the grip of Satan and the twisted porn addiction that comes from a temple empty of the lord.
The ones that do look up and defy your gaze are the ones that I feel are the lost souls, these poor bastards are the ones that have no remorse for the filthy dirty degrading industry that they are supporting. These fuckers are the ones that no other pastor but I could reach.
I placed my bible on the counter that housed all manners of contraptions and onto my bible I thumped a twenty dollar bill and asked for change. The clerk smirked and said sure do you want tokens or change. Why tokens you poor lost soul.
He handed me 20 coins that looked as innocent as video game tokens but instead of a video game character the token had a naked women and on the other side the bottom half of the naked woman. He then said "Hey padre you here to save me?" and he laughed.
I smiled said "No sir, you are beyond saving." He looked hurt. “Unless you want salvation.” I added.
His smiled faded and I turned to see many eyes on me from both the ashamed and the proud.
I went to the back room that was dark and painted black.
There were four rows of 8 booths and I chose the booth that was in the center of them all.
I dropped a coin into the receptacle and open my bible.

The Song of Songs 7

7:1 How beautiful are your sandaled feet,
O nobleman’s daughter!
The curves of your thighs are like jewels,
the work of the hands of a master craftsman.

7:2 Your navel is a round mixing bowl –
may it never lack mixed wine!
Your belly is a mound of wheat,
encircled by lilies.

7:3 Your two breasts are like two fawns,
twins of a gazelle.

7:4 Your neck is like a tower made of ivory.
Your eyes are the pools in Heshbon
by the gate of Bath-Rabbim.
Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon
overlooking Damascus.

7:5 Your head crowns you like Mount Carmel.
The locks of your hair are like royal tapestries –
the king is held captive in its tresses!

7:6 How beautiful you are! How lovely,
O love, with your delights!

7:7 Your stature is like a palm tree,
and your breasts are like clusters of grapes.

7:8 I want to climb the palm tree,
and take hold of its fruit stalks.
May your breasts be like the clusters of grapes,
and may the fragrance of your breath be like apricots!

7:9 May your mouth be like the best wine,
flowing smoothly for my beloved,
gliding gently over our lips as we sleep together.

7:10 I am my beloved’s,

and he desires me!

The Journey to the Countryside

The Beloved to Her Lover:

7:11 Come, my beloved, let us go to the countryside;
let us spend the night in the villages.
7:12 Let us rise early to go to the vineyards,
to see if the vines have budded,
to see if their blossoms have opened,
if the pomegranates are in bloom –
there I will give you my love.

7:13 The mandrakes send out their fragrance;
over our door is every delicacy,
both new and old, which I have stored up for you, my lover.

Then In the loudest most god like voice I started to praise the lord

"Dear lord please bless this place regardless of the sins against nature that occur."
"Hey shut up in there" came from my neighbor.

"Dear lord.
I know that you are looking down upon these unfortunate souls and wondering what you are to do with us."

"Hey I said to shut up!"

Even Louder I proclaimed,

Rev 17:1 Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and spoke to me. “Come,” he said, “I will show you the condemnation and punishment of the great prostitute who sits on many waters, 17:2 with whom the kings of the earth committed sexual immorality and the earth’s inhabitants got drunk with the wine of her immorality.” 17:3 So he carried me away in the Spirit to a wilderness, and there I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was full of blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. 17:4 Now the woman was dressed in purple and scarlet clothing, and adorned with gold, precious stones, and pearls. She held in her hand a golden cup filled with detestable things and unclean things from her sexual immorality. 17:5 On her forehead was written a name, a mystery: “Babylon the Great, the Mother of prostitutes and of the detestable things of the earth.” 17:6 I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints and the blood of those who testified to Jesus. I was greatly astounded when I saw her. 17:7 But the angel said to me, “Why are you astounded? I will interpret for you the mystery of the woman and of the beast with the seven heads and ten horns that carries her. 17:8 The beast you saw was, and is not, but is about to come up from the abyss and then go to destruction. The inhabitants of the earth – all those whose names have not been written in the book of life since the foundation of the world – will be astounded when they see that the beast was, and is not, but is to come. 17:9 (This requires a mind that has wisdom.) The seven heads are seven mountains the woman sits on. They are also seven kings: 17:10 five have fallen; one is, and the other has not yet come, but whenever he does come, he must remain for only a brief time. 17:11 The beast that was, and is not, is himself an eighth king and yet is one of the seven, and is going to destruction. 17:12 The ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but will receive ruling authority as kings with the beast for one hour. 17:13 These kings have a single intent, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. 17:14 They will make war with the Lamb, but the Lamb will conquer them, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those accompanying the Lamb are the called, chosen, and faithful.”

Rev 17:15 Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw (where the prostitute is seated) are peoples, multitudes, nations, and languages. 17:16 The ten horns that you saw, and the beast – these will hate the prostitute and make her desolate and naked. They will consume her flesh and burn her up with fire. 17:17 For God has put into their minds to carry out his purpose by making a decision to give their royal power to the beast until the words of God are fulfilled. 17:18 As for the woman you saw, she is the great city that has sovereignty over the kings of the earth.”

There was some banging on the door

You all need to repent your sins. You all have forgotten the word and teachings of the lord. You all are so consumed by the lust that is in your hearts you have forgotten the love that god has planted in there when you were born.

The clerk opened the door and told me to leave.

“No sir I paid my money and I have a right to enjoy the services of this establishment in my way.”

“Oh no, you do not, and now you had better go.” And he reached for me. I stepped aside grabbed his hand and began to turn his wrist in the wrong direction.
"You sir do need to be saved!” and he slipped on the floor to his knees. I brought my shoe to his nose so that he could see the sin that is covering the floor and the mess that lust creates. It was dark and I may have brought my foot too close to his nose because his head snapped back and he started to call god's name.

I pronounced

Eze 16:36

This is what the sovereign Lord says: Because your lust was poured out and your nakedness was uncovered in your prostitution with your lovers, and because of all your detestable idols, and because of the blood of your children you have given to them,

Another person tried to enter the little room that I was saving this man's soul in, and I just squarely punched him in the nose. His head snapped back and he cried out “Jesus Christ!". And fell out the door into the hallway
“Sir your lustful sinning ways must be abated, retribution is at hand, god is calling your name please do not be found short when the good lord measures you.”

Gen 19:10 So the men inside reached out and pulled Lot back into the house as they shut the door. 19:11 Then they struck the men who were at the door of the house, from the youngest to the oldest, with blindness. The men outside wore themselves out trying to find the door. 19:12 Then the two visitors said to Lot, “Who else do you have here? Do you have any sons-in-law, sons, daughters, or other relatives in the city? Get them out of this place 19:13 because we are about to destroy it. The outcry against this place is so great before the Lord that he has sent us to destroy it.”

I began to stomp on the chest of the clerk and he coughed out a plea to stop. I knelt down and whispered to the clerk “are you ready to receive the lord young man?”

“Fuck you” was his reply
So I brought the bible up and smacked it down on his forehead over and over and spoke to him at the same time.
“Get thee to a church and ask for god’s forgiveness. He will forgive you even if I will not. He will love you regardless of the sperm and spooge that is on your back and in your hair.”
“Whack!” Came the bible on his forehead.
“Get thee to a church and ask for god’s forgiveness. He will forgive you even if I will not. He will love you regardless of the sperm and spooge that is on your back and in your hair.”
“Whack!” Came the bible on his forehead.
“Get thee to a church and ask for god’s forgiveness. He will forgive you even if I will not. He will love you regardless of the sperm and spooge that is on your back and in your hair.”
“Whack!” Came the bible on his forehead.
“You are crazy!”
“No sir I am here to save a soul.”
“Get thee to a church and ask for god’s forgiveness. He will forgive you even if I will not. He will love you regardless of the sperm and spooge that is on your back and in your hair.”

“Whack!” Came the bible on his forehead.

Mat 21:32

For John came to you in the way of righteousness, and you did not believe him. But the tax collectors and prostitutes did believe. Although you saw this, you did not later change your minds and believe him.

Mat 21:12

Then Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all those who were selling and buying in the temple courts, and turned over the tables of the money changers and the chairs of those selling doves.

The clerk then went silent. He passed out from god's word.

I began to stand but the door way was crowded with on lookers, more sinners that needed to be loved and have their lust beaten from them. I charged and they embraced me. I swung and struck a very large man in the eye and he let go and then I brought my elbow back around to the temple of another gentleman and he dropped to the floor gushing the lords name.

Mat 21:15 But when the chief priests and the experts in the law saw the wonderful things he did and heard the children crying out in the temple courts, “Hosanna to the Son of David,” they became indignant 21:16 and said to him, “Do you hear what they are saying?” Jesus said to them, “Yes. Have you never read, ‘Out of the mouths of children and nursing infants you have prepared praise for yourself’?” 21:17 And leaving them, he went out of the city to Bethany and spent the night there.

I began to punch and kick in the dark hallway until I was able to get to the door of the main room of the business where upon there were more sinners and lustful people waiting for me to lead them. I had saved the soul of the clerk and to save one soul that was as damned as any in that place was huge triumph!
I know that tomorrow the business will be closed and all of these sinners will have witnessed god's work instead of seeking lustful images they would seek god's work instead.
The single mothers support group would like to thank the help that was provided by the men both married and single. There were many projects completed that would not have been done with out the help from all you strong men.
The response has been so great and the turn out such a phenomenal success that the group is asking that a once a quarter they have a help a single mother weekend.
The men’s group has graciously agreed to donate one of their weekends to the cause.
The sewing circle is having a cloth drive again. They are beginning a new project. They would like to make the largest quilt dedicated to legal American citizens. So please find time to cleanout the closets and find all of the fabric to go to this cause.

Remember to keep your pimp hand strong.

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