Evil mother poem

i am the pussy turd that fell out of my mother's cunt.
i am the pregnacncy that was an entrapment stunt
i am the scab from my mothers rotten vagina
i am not worth shit not even kinda

she fed me garbage and told me it was right
then she would squeeze my neck real tight
she fed me shit and she fed me trash
and every night my head she would bash

why could i not die for heavens sake
when i ever i made a noise she would shake
until my brain was bruised and battered
as long as i suffered it was all that mattered

i am the baby boy that she bore
she said i made her heart sore
i am the baby that killed her life
because of me she would never be a wife

my mother never loved me
she made me drink my own pee
she nursed me on the nipples of a pig
and kept me in a hole that i had to dig

she made me live in shit
and when i spoke she threw a fit
she treated me like shit on her shoe
and told me her feelings were true

cunt! dick! butt sex! the clap!
god damn it she beat me with a strap
die with no soul you piece of shit
to suffer forever would not be fit

eat shit. eat maggots. go fucking die
you made me drink drain-o and then said good-bye
you kicked me in the head and threw me from the car
but the burn marks and the pain were never that far

my mother did not love me and i do not cry
she was a fucking whore and i made her die
on mothers day i wheeled her over to my house
and i gave her a bib to protect her blouse

you fucking cunt and you fucking bitch
i kicked and kicked to stop her twitch
a piexe of shit and a piece of trash
her head like a mellon i did bash

her words of love, brought blood and gore
i kicked and kicked and i kicked some more
on the toe of my boot i brought her the pain
her lies of love drove me insane

she begged and begged but i did not stop
i beat in her head until it popped
squirted out her brains and i thought
blood and revenge flowed on the sidewalk

i had killed my mother the evil fucking bitch
i watched and watched as she twitched
i had beaten her like she beat me
and when she died there was a puddle of pee

she laid in her own shit for a week and a day
in the maggots and puke her rotting meat did lay
and i kicked her good morning for a whole week
and then smell of her death began to stink

i shoveled the mess into a bag
good bye to my mother the fucking hag
good bye good bye i am sorry that you died
but you know what i never cried

i wish you were here to kick again
i should have stuck you with a pen
i should have kicked you in the cunt
like i was doing a football punt

you fucking terrible whore
you were always such a bore
into you neck i should have stuck a knife
just because you did not like my wife

you fucked me up in the head
i can not sleep in a bed
i sleep in the tub or on the floor
and the ciggarette burns are still sore

the tools you stuck up my butt
to tell me to keep my mouth shut
are the same tools i stuck in your corpse
it creates a big smile of sorts

i want to know you are in hell
and your death i can still smell
you were my evil mother
and now i am loved by no other

good bye you fucking bitch
good bye you fucking cunt
fuck you fuck you fuck you
and fuck you again

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