To wage war or not to wage war.

To wage war or not to wage war.
By Rev John Sleestaxx

They have attacked me; they have created great strife and undue grief. Even now as I type this they are plotting to weave some travesty of justice against me, some terrible awful event that will throw my world into a spiral.
I know how they work, their secret meetings and their special language. The fucking rotten bastards.
I know that they mean to do me great harm, of that I am certain. I know this because I hear them whispering as I turn the corner and their fleeting foot steps as they run away, the cowards.
Stop and fight me face to face like men, like real men. You all fight like thieves by mis-direction and stealth. You have no honor, no ethics, no real substance.
You sirs are cheats. That is right; I said you are all cheats!
Heathens and malcontents, demons from hell have better manners than you. I know, I have met many a demon and they have the uprighted-ness to at least greet you before they try to steal your soul. But not you, you fucking cheats! You all lie, cheat, and steal. You all sucker punch and run.
Stand up! Do your best but at least be seen before you bring down upon me the wrath and anguish of your focused hate. This hate that so consumes you to the point that you have given up being right and resorted to being a CHEAT!
Bring it! Bring it down here bitches because you know what? I am going to wage war! I am going to bring upon you my focused hate AND rage.
I am going to do upon you AND yours, 100 fold of the tragic, horrible, misery that you have befell (yeah it is a word fucker!) upon me.
I will tear into you like a ravenous dog, a virus that feeds on your heart and your brain. I will eat you! Yes! I WILL EAT YOU MUTHER FUCKER! And I will spit you upon the ground into the dust and I will trample you and all of your family into the clay earth and I will work such violence and pain that you will relish the warm earth into which I will put you.
I will then dance and be jubilant on your corpse. I will celebrate the loss of you while there is no-one to mourn your absence. You will not be, there will be no you. The only one to speak of your existence from then on will be me and it will not be fond words, it will not be with reverence, it will not be with thoughtful silence. The mention of you will be like a curse or a foul word. I will spit your name like one person spits something bitter or sour or spoiled.
But I will only do this once a decade. I will not let you have any more than that. You filthy, lying, dirty whore, of a cheat. You disgust me with your lame attempts to befuddle me and yoke me.
I know that you think you are all clever and you have all the secrets. But you have chosen the wrong fucker to mess with. I am not old, and I am not young, nor am I weak or slow. You can not beat me because I am not those things at all. I am mean, I am determined, I am fast, and I am strong! You chose the wrong one dipshits. And now it is I who will may you cry, and whimper like the weak simpering little cheats that you are.
I am going to beat you down and I am going to do it laughing at you and your weakness.
That is right fuck-wad I am going to beat your ass and I am going to laugh at you too!
Yeah, I will, because that is the mean-ass-muther-fucker I am. I will destroy you, I will rent, and tear and pull and rip you apart and I will enjoy it. There will be no remorse for the animal way you were bested and beaten. I will have no sadness for the savagery I displayed or the pathetic way you whimpered and cried, I will not feel any empathy for the humiliated way you went down.
You want war? Then you got war bitches! I am so going to be up in your house and I am so going to beat you down.
Fuck yeah! Fucker you are going down!

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