Ejection Report 04-29-2013

Ejection Report

Angels vs. Ranger (?)
Red vs. blue

There is some back story to the attitude and behavior of the red coach.

13 mins before the game time I was at the backstop looking across the field for My Partner. And I was approached by the blue coach asking if we were going to get the game in based on weather (?).

I was explaining that I am sure we would get started and that I was just waiting for My Partner.

The red coach approached us and began to voice complaints that the blue coach had a catcher without head gear and a short stop on the field without a hat.

I looked over and saw no catcher and explained the same to the red coach and he said the boy was out there on the field without a hat. I said the game had not started but I am sure that if the player had a hat that he would wear the hat during the game. He began to talk about some other game in which the blue coach 'got him about the sunglasses and he was going to be sure that he was going to get the coach for the hat. I told the red coach that the game had not started yet. He said that was fine that us two could politic all we wanted and he walked away again stating that we were politicking. I asked the coach not to do that or to say such things.

5 mins before the game time My Partner arrived and we began the plate meeting. I covered the ground rules asked if everyone was properly and legally equipped. They both stated affirmative and then the blue coach said that he had a player whose hat was broken (the back tensioner part). I explained that I was in contact with The League and that we could not think of a  Baseball Association rule that would prevent a player from playing without a hat and that since the hat was broken and the league knew about the broken hat That I was sure there should be no problem and that if the blue coach had an extra player on the bench that the boy should borrow a hat.

Top of the second inning 1 out with a runner on first the blue team’s pitcher made a pickoff move and the runner on first was tagged out. The red coach became irate and began to jump up and down and yell at My Partner and pantomime the tag. My Partner talked with the coach for a moment and then went to his position.

At the beginning of the bottom of the second the red coach was talking a long time to get his players on the field. I asked the coach for a pitcher and a catcher. He stated that the boys had diarrhea and he was trying to fix it. I asked again for a pitcher and a catcher. He said that catcher was getting ready; I stated that a coach should then warm up the pitcher he ignored me and continued his group huddle. A pitcher and a coach did come out to warm up. The catcher arrived and I asked the catcher to "call balls in".

At the top of the third, runner on first (unknown outs) the pitcher attempted a pick off to first and the runner was tagged out. The red coach ripped off his hat and began to jump and stomp about yelling at My Partner. The red coach then looked at me and yelled that that was "2 missed calls". I asked the batter to step out of the box and I called time. I walked up first base line towards the red coach and asked him to talk to me.

I explained that his actions were not sportsman like and that he was to stop. He said he was allowed to take his hat off because his head itched, I started to explain that he knows what he did and that everyone knows what he did and to not do that anymore. He started to walk away, I told him that we were not done talking and that I was giving him his last warning on sportsmen like conduct and any more behavior like that would put him in the parking lot.

We started to part and he yelled at me to "get down there and call strikes!" this was irrecusable and I turned and told him he was done and he was out of the game. I turned and walked back to the plate.

I observed him stand at the bleachers and he was coaching the players on the field, but since he was neither commenting on the game nor talking about past plays I was not going to keep him from watching his boy play.

The red coach approached the dark side of my vehicle and attempted to talk to me. I backed away from him while I told him we had nothing to discuss. He would not leave nor did he come around towards the back of my vehicle I again told him we had nothing to discuss and that would he please step away from my vehicle after a long awkward pause in the dark he walked away and stated I was a male private part. A mother asked my name, I gave her my full name.

There was no incident after that point

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