Licking the balls

Ball lickers.

I was on the bases; I was into my 5th game. 

I was in "C" (3rd base side of pitcher’s mound)

 I was watching the losing team’s pitcher waiting for the runner on second to steal when I looked up and saw the pitcher with the ball in the glove and his face in the glove getting the signal from the catcher.
When lo' the pitcher was taking his mouth off the ball......? He pitched.

Wait what did I just say? Did I really just see that? Really? No effin way did that just happen!

I shifted over to get a better look into the glove. The pitcher received the throw back and looked right into my eyes. 

If this is just a tick then I am going to just warn him and the Maroon Coach.

The pitcher looks again at me and I see the he gauging me. And he sort of turns a bit to make my view off. I shift up and over. He rests his chin on the ball mouth closed and pitches.

He receives the ball and blows on it????? Nothing wrong here, questionable, but no spit, can't call it.
He repeats this ritual a couple of times and then.....

He rests his chin on the ball opens his mouth and rolls the ball up to his lips. Really? He did that? Really?

I take the ball form the pitcher starts towards my partner turn to the pitch eject him, no argument no bewilderment from him he just accepts it. I finish my stride to my partner swap out the ball; tell my partner what just happen. I move the runner to third. The Maroon Coach NOW wants to know what is going on.

To The Maroon Coach "the pitcher put his open mouth on the ball."

The Maroon Coach says "What?"

To The Maroon Coach "the pitcher put his open mouth on the ball."

A dad hollers "He did not lick the ball."

I look at the Maroon Coach as he is about to protest some more.

To The Maroon Coach "I said nothing about licking the ball"

They put another pitcher on the mound and the game continues.

Maroon gets their third out and now goes to bat. The Maroon coach stands at first to coach the base. I am behind him in "A".

Three quick outs, Ball game!

To The Maroon Coach, "Coach I need you to sign the card." 

"I'll sign it later."

"Coach I need you to sign the card."

No I won't sign it. 

Coach I will put 'Refused To Sign card."

He keeps walking.

I get the other signature and we beat it out.

Yes I saw him put his open mouth on the ball.

Yes I do not believe this was a "tick" of some kind.

Yes I know he knew exactly what he was doing.

And no I do not feel bad about throwing a 12 year old out of a game.

I know he was cheating, I know he was taught the cheat by an adult. I do not think the cheat gave him an advantage but he thought it did. And maybe soon it would be giving him an advantage. 

I was told I should have given a warning. I told them if it was a tick it would have been a warning but it was a cheat and he knew it was a cheat. I threw out a cheater.

I taught him nothing because he will not get caught again because no one would even think of watching  him like I did.

He will become the President or a CEO and that day will mean nothing to him.

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