The Drought Is Over! October 18, 2012 : 13:39

The Drought Is Over! October 18, 2012 : 13:39

Almost 80% of the country is underwater:

“The latest weekly Drought Monitor update set another record. The brutal U.S. drought Lowered to 21.05% of the contiguous U.S. — the lowest ever in the Monitor’s 12-year history. The previous record was 31.80% — set just last week.” China's weather machine broke early last week and the entire country has been inundated with rain and massive flooding.

 A unknown government source was quoted, "The US government cannot hide the water fast enough." People have to piss out the door as toilets have been backing up as the country's water table has risen to new levels.

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 It appears that Canada is turning down visas as the American public sick of wet socks and stupid political rhetoric are trying to pour across the border into Canada.

 "We can't say no fast enough." said one para-military border guard in Milwaukee. "They just keep coming eh?"

 They fact that the earth is covered in two thirds of water is of no consolation to the poor individuals who are still swimming in New Orleans.

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