Taylor Swift "Red"

Artist: Taylor Swift
CD Title: Red
Tracks: 16
Rating: ****½
Value: ***½
So having listened to the “Red” CD from Taylor Swift. It is obvious that some people believe if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
 Taylor’s CD lineup is just that love found love lost and the jerk who broke my heart will be sorry one day. If she was a guy I would worry about her showing up at a music award show with smoke bombs and tear gas screaming how she was just so hurt and no one really loved her. But she is definitely not a guy.  So what every guy that breaks her heart has to do I ssleep with one eye open until she is in love again. Then you should be safe.
 The jabs are over. Now to the meat of the matter, they all sound the same to me pretty much, all sugary sweet and sticky. Nothing dirty or nasty or anything that gives you the idea she is growing up in real life and becoming a woman. You know what I am talking about, Britney Spears did it all over again on her “Coming of age” CD titled “Britney”.  Christina Aguilera did it in a boxing ring (Stripped).  That train wreck Miley Cyrus did it in a cage.
 Nope Miss Swift is still doing it behind closed doors and probably will bust out…, when, never if her handlers have any say in the matter.
 If you like country pop, pop, or just like a female crooner voice then this should be in your collection, go buy it.
 Me? Nah I can’t work out to it, I can’t run to it, and it definitely does not make me mad enough or enflame my anger problems for the drive to work so, meh… I took it back to wal-mart with a scratch on it and got store credit. (Hey no one is sending me their shit to review).
Thanks and please stop by again.

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