My political Views

Warning Perverted commentary following. Not the normal ranting of The Great Reverend Sleestaxx.

I just saw a picture of Obama's wife and man what a hottie. I have jerked off three times already.
I am a freak republican as in I am poor and I believe in the ideals of "those that want it must work for it." I do not subscribe to the "if I think I should than I shall receive." But, I will vote for him if I can get more photos of her in the paper.
Yeah I want too see more photos of her in the paper. No-one questions you reading the paper in the bathroom until now but with a first lady this hot there will be a daily in the restroom all the time.
No-one will know that you are jerking off to Obama's wife. They will think you are getting "informed".
The world and the country will be going to shit in a racist tornado of white haters but hey that has been brewing for quite a few years now any ways so just cinch the seat belt and lube up the hand and jerk off to the picture of your leader’s wife. Fuck yeah baby.
They will be doing her doggie style and missionary blowing their loads on that smooth news-print skin of hers. Oh yeah!!
"Oops, sorry baby I did not mean to get it is your eyes." lol
oh yeah, get out some of the past posts from Malflic and mentally putting her face in those blog posts ooooooh yeah some hot freaking stuff there 'aiiit!'
Yeah baby yeah oooh yeah the holy man is getting wood.
Hey Barack Obama, everyone will be jacking off to a picture of your wife all fucking day long! Can you imagine what a distraction his wife would be to all the Secret service agents and all the dignitaries and hell for him too but he pops up on my "gay-dar". I think he may be on the down low. Does anyone play poker with him??? LOL
And when you make a public appearance and she is on the news with you know that everyone will be "A-B ing" the segments with her in the scene. All the cool men will be spilling baby batter all over the place thinking of nasty naughty thoughts.
ha ha ha ha
Everyone will be googling Photoshop pictures of her face on Nude stills.
Hell anyone want a investment tip? Invest in lotion company stock.
That last hottie like this was 40+ years ago and no one talked about jerking off back then.
So yeah sit back ride the tornado of pure political hell for the next 4 years and get to know your hands.

If Obama gets elected I declare January 20th 2009 as masturbate day. if we all do it at the same time a statement will be made and a record set. the collective release would rock the world.

Like A Monkey With A Handgun

By Rev. J. Sleestaxx
Release date: By 3 December, 2007..

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