My Christmas season was quiet

My Christmas season was quiet
By Rev. john Sleestaxx
My note: There are times that I am told flat out do not post that until after the court date. Or this would be a very bad image for everyone involved.
Or the church’s contract restricts your post of that material.
After having the blood sucking vampires (not the emo Edward type) picked over this like mites pick the meat off of bones I was given the green light to post.
If you followed my twitter feed you got wind of some Christmas violence.

Self loathing mouth breathing sinners the entire lot should be placed in a large meat grinder and turned until there is no more whining and you can not tell the eyeballs from the adrenals.
I plunged head long into the fray in hopes to make it through the ordeal with only a few scars. I was not going to pick a fight and I had resolved that this year I would be more tolerant.
Incident #1
I had almost made it but then at the last hour I was hungry and in the "red zone"
I came across a kiosk type sales point I was thinking that hey my wife may enjoy a specialty gift of soap or moisturizer. You know something special to show how special she was and the sales lady bitch shoved a bar of lye soap under my nose.
I bit her hand. Plain and simple I just bit down and she screamed and I bit harder. It was funny at first I meant to bit like a lover would you know playfully on her thumb but like I said I was in the red zone and I got a holt of that hand and I bit down. There was no blood and I did not break the skin but she had to pull twice to get free.
Her sales mate ran over, and I just kept walking. Fucking bitch should not have touched me.
Incident #2
So here I was in wal-mart, I know I should not be shopping here and if I did not have a kid that wanted COD WAW I would have shopped at a mom and pop shop. I was walking by the toys and I heard little kids yelling and one crying.
If you have kids you this sound as the signal that they are 1.) Too hungry. 2.) too tired 3.) fucking screwed for the next 30 mins it takes to get them home and into bed.
I turned the corner on a long isle of toys and there was a dad type in camo tee shirt, and three kids also in camo tee shirts. One was about 2 and in the seat of the cart one was about 4 in the merchandise section of the cart and then there was the crier he was 6 and he was looking at the ceiling of the store wailing “please please”.
As I got closer I saw the dad type was pissed and ignoring the kid. And as I got 10 feet away he looked at me, got an embarrassed look on his face and bent over and grabbed the boy’s arm and shook hard. “ I told you to shut up!” I was now 6 feet away “listen you are giving me a head ache” now three feet away “this is why your dad left.” I brought my knee up into his face so fucking hard he did not even straighten out. In a 90ยบ shape he flipped back onto his back. The boy stopped with a mid scream stuck in his throat. The dad hit the floor with a wufff! And I kept walking to the electronic department. Found the glass doors open grabbed the WAW case and left to purchase the damn thing.
At the register line I end up behind dad and his kids. No one is crying, no one was yelling.
The 6 year old looked at me, looked at his dad, tugged his dad’s arm and pointed at me. The dad turned, looked at me, and smiled a nervous smile and said, “hey about back there, I just want to…” “no do not mention anything” I cut him off.
“But I want to..” he said.
“no listen it is a terrible season, the economy is pooched and the corporate fuckers are just laughing at the rest of us.” And I turned to go to another line.
“Hey you big dummy you hurt my dad.”
I turned and smiled at the boy “ho ho ho” I laughed “merry Christmas. Son merry Christmas.”

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