Spyware/virus fix instructions

Have you ever had a spyware or virus infection that just could not be fixed? Or you deleted a file and need it back.

One reason is the operating files that are infected and used by the infection can not be modified while windows is loaded and you can not use any removal software without windows.
catch 22
Well i have a technical post that can maybe help some with the answer.

Hardware needed:
1GB USB stick
or Blank CD

Software Needed:
Winxp sp2 http://Microsoft.com
BartPE http://www.nu2.nu/
HP Flashdisk Tool http://www.bootdisk.com/plan30/hpflash1.zip
Any extra BartPE Plugin ready
packages http://www.google.com

Any confusion or any extra
investigation refer to http://www.bootdisk.com/pendrive.htm.
I used this as a jump start for the following.

Note: The quote characters and
square brackets are for designation only and should not actually be used.

  1. Format
    with HP Flash disk tool
  2. On USB
    flash device make directory “minint”
  3. Using
    BartPE software (pebuilder.exe) configure applications wanted and needed
    create build
  4. In
    directory of BartPE build will be approximately 7 objects

Files] (Note: This may not exist in your flavor of BartPE)

  1. Copy
    everything in [I386] to “minint” on the USB Flash device.
  2. Copy
    “setupldr.bin” from [I386] to USB Flash [Root] and rename to “NTLDR”
  3. Copy
    “NTDETECT.COM” from [I386] to USB Flash [Root]
  4. Copy
    [Etc] from BartPE Build to USB Flash [Root]
  5. Copy
    [Program Files] from BartPE Build to USB Flash [Root]
  6. Copy
    [Programs] from BartPE Build to USB Flash [Root]
  7. Copy
    any other files from BartPE Build to USB Flash [Root]

The root of the USB device should
look like:

Files] (Note: This may not exist in your flavor of BartPE)

Instructions for BartPE:
This application helps to create a windows build/install that can be run from a CDrom or a USB device.
The application is free but the application is in need of a winxp service pack2 CD.
BartPE is made by a german fella and some of the plugins maybe in german.
I find the clamwin and adware plugins the most important.
there are some file recovery programs included that work great if you delete a file and need it back.

Down load from the site mentioned.
run the install
start the "pebuilder.exe"
Click the "plugin button"
enable and disable any plugins you want.
Google for "bartpe plugins" will bring a large selection of free software to fix many problems.
Point the software to the winxp files needed
point the software to the location you want to put the new files
choose a name for the ISO (cd Image).
press build.
generally you can ignore the warnings but if there is any errors you will need to fix them before you have a working build.
i find that all of this is very straight forward but if anyone has any questions i am available to assist where i can.

Note: i have nothing to do with any site or software other than i use them i do not write software, i do not make plugs and i do not use or provide any free software or any bootlegged software.

Disclaimer: i am not responsible for any damage you do to your pc.

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