Mad Goat Tag.

Mad Goat Tag.

1. If you could be any animal what would you be? If you say anything other than a monkey you better have a good god damn reason for giving up opposable thumbs.

A Dog, A male Dog. it is god backwards. and thumbs who needs thumbs when you can....... Hot women love to step out with great danes.

2. What would it take to let some one fuck you in the ass? If you will already take a dick in the ass, what would it take to let two people do it at the same time?

today?A bullet to the back of my head!

3. If you could kick anyone in history (real or fictional, male or female) in the nuts who would it be? You can't use anyone even remotely involved in politics I.E. Hitler, George Bush, Gandhi, etc.

That fucker that bullied me in school. but today i do not think i would not stop at one kick. so i would like to kick john wilkes booth. becasue while i was in the past i would go to sacramento and mine me some gold and hide it for a latter find.

4. If you were a mass murderer what name would the media give you? Can't use the words "killer, strangler, or murderer."

baptism basher

5. If you were a venereal disease which one would you be? Why?

herpes because i would just keep on giving. and there would be no stoping me.

6. If you were a member of the Bush administration what would be your preferred method of torture? Can't say water boarding, sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation, or anything involving pork.

penis implosion apparatus

7. If you could go back and say anything to your first car and have it understand you what would you say? Must involve the word semen, chicken, or blood stain.

I am sorry about the chickens, the blood stains and the semen in the back seat. you fucking sink hole of money and humilation.

8. What is the most humiliating thing you have ever done while intoxicated, TO SOME ONE ELSE?

stripped them naked and left them in the park.

9. What childhood movie or T.V. show did you love back in the day but then watched later and realized it sucks balls? Say anything about the Goonies or The Ninja Turtles and I will kill you.

Land of the lost, or hr puff n stuff

10. If you could kill some one who talked shit about the Goonies or the Ninja Turtles how would you do it? Must involve a spatula, half a rusty beer can, or both.

while vigorously beating the forehead with a spatula i woudl place the rusty beer can to the soles of the feet until they bleed out.

Actually I think I will answer these since this sounds kinda fun, but this is running long so my answers will be my next blog. But in order to keep my status as an asshole I tag………..Every single mother fucker that reads this. If you don't do it that means you don't love God and you will never find your true love.

*Bonus question* Have you ever forwarded anything that threatened some kind of divine retribution for non-compliance, and why the fuck did you help perpetuate stupid ass chain letters filling up my in box?

No all spam and hoakes die in my trash bin.

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