• 10:54 no coach the pitcher can not balk when the ball is dead my partner had no play no balk jeez. no balk hey do u have ur keys? u may need them #
  • 10:58 is really mad @ the level humanity you humans have achieved thus far. had an 11yo tell my partner to "learn how to call a game". #
  • 10:58 good partners make good games though that is one thing I am learning #
  • 16:25 @malflic ah ha the revolution is about to be started. now all you spoiled grownups are gonna get yours! #
  • 16:27 @malflic ah ha the revolution is about to start. now you spoiled parents are gonna get yours! viva la Gerry Davis! #
  • 17:42 RT @jchutchins: scottsigler.com/therookie | code: hutch | $3 off | Go | Krakens | (TweetDeck) Viva La Gerry Davis #
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