Everyday You Wake Up

Everyday you wake up and slobber on the phallus of corporate America. Drinking down their vile seed, begging for more of the bitter spooge.
 There are so many lies and false promises that the air around them tastes of vomit and garbage and deceit.
 But there you are first in line to take them to your chest, like a self-loathing lover, you have no more self-respect than a crack whore.
 Everytime the get a stiffy, you think this time they will care. That you will get some return, but no, they grunt, they pump and they dump. Off they go tossing a lie or two over their shoulder as they head out the door.
 No kiss, no call, no after thought. You are the whore mistress. They don't remember your name when they get to the curb.
 But you allow their evil despicable acts everytime.
 But you spit, slobber and snot yourself and raise the corporate thieves on high. You treat them like saints and canonized miracle makers.
 You'd kill your neighbor to be the one to receive their feces that are thrust down from their sacred mountain built upon the souls of the rest of the consumers and workers.

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