Celebrity Predictions 2012

So every year I post a list of 10 or so possible public figures that may pass during the year and sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong.

This years list is;

Fidel Castro; This man has lived so many years in a country that has been erased from the news by the censors that we know very little about him but I do know he is sick and like his colleague Kim what’s-his-face in that little spit of dirt and jungle he too is running on fumes. God I would have liked to have been in that room when he pissed those people off. I mean seriously we made friends with Russia but it is still illegal to travel to Cuba? yeah pissed some muther fucking people off big time.

Michael Capellas; you can only take out so many mortgages on your soul before Satan comes looking for payment.

Queen of England; Finally her only heir that is not gay, is married to a nice proper girl. She can hand the throne over to a man and be done. I imagine it will be in her sleep.

Mark Hurd; just another fucktard that naked sells shares of his soul and satan is gonna make a market call and old Marky poo will be found empty handed and and in a corner. hope he has enough shares to cover the margin.

Lindsay Lohan; Remember Britney spears 3 years ago. yeah kinda like that but not as pretty. you can only imagine how this meteor is gonna pop.

Brittany Spears; She is on my list every year (it's kind playing the odds) This one may look like she has her shit together but she is still trailer park trash with money it is only a matter of time before the wheels start to wobble and fall off.

Barry Bonds; He lied, he cheated and he got caught. Now he is despondent and will never make the baseball hall of fame. what do you think?

Amy Whinehouse: Just because she scares me and my spirit guardians have said she is tired. (Nailed IT!)

Charlie Sheen; Another train wreck. not as good as some but a train wreck none the less. God loves drunks and little kids but his patience does run out look at the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

A half more dozen Occupy protesters; You can only put so many whinny liberal pacifists in one park before the predators and freaks smell the blood and start circling.

Dr. Conrad Murray; My feelings about that freak Michael aside, You can not kill a pop icon and live. Even in county jail they are gonna kill this man and eat his intestines on a top ramen pizza right there in jail and then skull fuck his eye sockets.

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